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Our History

The first recorded mention of the Weavers’ Company is in the Pipe Roll of 1130 which has an entry of a payment of £16 by Robert Levestan on the Weavers’ behalf, the Pipe Roll being an early form of Tax Record.  25 years later it received its first Royal Charter from King Henry II which was first signed by that “turbulent priest”, Thomas Becket.

Since that time, the history of the Company has been intertwined with that of the City of London and the textile industry, in particular silk weaving. It saw and incorporated the influx of Huguenot refugees in the Seventeenth Century amongst many other societal changes.

900 Years

The Company Today

Today, the Company continues to be actively involved in the City of London and supporting the Textile Industry.

A real focus for the Company is in supporting young people.  Firstly, it helps support three Primary Schools within inner City London.  This support is both financial and through the provision of a Governor for each school.  Secondly, the Company supports the UK Textile Industry by supporting the education and training of people wanting to enter or in the Textile Industry.  The Company, with other Livery Companies also run an annual “Making it in Textiles” Conference for final year students who are thinking of joining the industry.  The main focus of the Company’s Charitable giving is in the field of Young Offenders.  It likes to pump prime projects that support the rehabilitation of offenders or projects that direct young people onto more productive paths away from crime.

Finally, the Company supports London’s elderly and vulnerable through the provision of an Almshouse in Wanstead, called Weavers’ House.  This has a total of 38 flats and currently provides sheltered accommodation for 43 residents.

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