Celebrating 900 Years of the Company

Celebrations and Plans

In 2030, the Worshipful Company of Weavers will be celebrating 900 years since its first mention in the Pipe Roll of 1130, the Pipe Roll being a roll of parchment on which payments into the Exchequer were noted.

This page will be updated regularly with the plans and events being organised to celebrate this extraordinary milestone; it was afterall only 64 years after the Battle of Hastings.

An example of an 1130 Pipe Roll

1930 - Celebrating 800 Years

In 1930, one of the Company’s events to celebrate its 800 years was a dinner held in Grocers’ Hall attended by HRH The Prince of Wales. Pictured hereĀ  with from left to right: J.C. Ingle, William Fox, HRH, Major G.R.Y. Radcliffe, G.H. Chubb, L.E. Tanner. One of those present Mr. J.H. Early described part of the evening in a letter to his sister:

“Once he blew into the room there was very little stiff adherence to programme. Instead of standing solemnly with the Officers of the Company so that we might be presented to him in turn, he at once sailed round the room, the Upper Bailiff panting after him and H.R.H. shaking hands with everyone he met with the utmost heartiness.”

The Weavers' Company Crest

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