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South West Community Chaplaincy

The South West Community Chaplaincy works across Cornwall, Devon and West Somerset to provide all-round support for men and women of all ages before they are released from prison, as well as in the crucial first days, weeks and months back in the community. They help them to overcome whatever challenges they face to make a fresh start and build a positive future for themselves.

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It’s Not Your Birthday But

The Company has supported “It’s Not Your Birthday But” who are all about the power of connecting with others through letters, words and visual arts. Working in a range of community settings from care homes to schools, hospitals to hospices, prisons to wellbeing groups, they place artists in each setting to inspire others to share what’s important or helpful to them through letters, words and visual arts. 

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Safer Living Foundation

The Safer Living Foundation Apollo project works with young people between the ages of 12 and 18 who are exhibiting sexually harmful behaviour whether or not this has resulted in a conviction or caution.

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Alternatives to Violence Project

The Alternatives to Violence Project run programmes for anyone who wants to find ways of resolving conflict without resorting to violence. They run workshops, and a distance learning programme for prisoners.

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Finding Rhythms

Finding Rhythms delivers collaborative music-making courses for those at risk of (re)offending either within the prison service or in the community.

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Liberty Kitchen

Working to give men a chance for change, Liberty Kitchen is a street-food social enterprise, producing and delivering delicious, original London-inspired menus of meat, fish, veggie and vegan street-food recipes that are devised, made and sold by prisoners and ex-prisoners.

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Prisoners’ Penfriends

Prisoners’ Penfriends facilitates contacts from the world outside prison, for prisoners in England and Wales.

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Flourishing Families

Flourishing Families Leeds was established in 2017 to support children, parents, carers and entire families, with the aim of overcoming the barriers that can prevent people from flourishing, to bring about a lasting, positive change.

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Innercity Films

Innercity Films is a community organisation, working with Londoners since 2002. Using a wide range of audio-visual platforms, the organisation works with locals to produce multi-faceted projects across the city.

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Switchback effects real, lasting change through consistent, motivational relationships with a Switchback Mentor on both sides of the prison gate. It encourages young Londoners to change their relationship with society.

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