Finding Rhythms

Finding Rhythms delivers collaborative music-making courses for those at risk of (re)offending either within the prison service or in the community. Their creative courses utilise music industry professionals and coaches, empowering marginalised and disadvantaged individuals to improve their lives. Since 2012, they have worked with over 25 UK prisons in addition to like-minded charities providing through the gates support and probation services.

Their aim is to empower learners to make the kind of music that they connect with personally, which means they cover genres ranging from Jazz to Drill. Learners are tasked with working to tight deadlines to create albums of music in teams and as a result they build soft skills (e.g., critical thinking, time management) and work to deadlines as they would do in the workplace. They have formalised this learning process by embedding a Prince’s Trust qualification personal development and employability skills in the intervention, which ultimately means that the progress of learners is assessed.

Their culturally relevant practitioners use high quality music production equipment and modern production values to provide meaningful opportunities. They are proud of the fact that we have created over 50 albums of original music, a catalogue. You can listen to the music on the link below:

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