It’s Not Your Birthday But

At “It’s Not Your Birthday But” they are all about the power of connecting with others through letters, words and visual arts. Working in a range of community settings from care homes to schools, hospitals to hospices, prisons to wellbeing groups, they place artists in each setting to inspire others to share what’s important or helpful to them through letters, words and visual arts. They aim to ensure everyone they work with is given a platform to be well and truly heard in the wider community.  They join up different parts of a community who would not otherwise meet and hope this leads to greater understanding, empathy and continued engagement.

The support of the Company has enabled them to mentor and work with an individual (JB) across a number of projects and helped him to see what a brilliant artist he is and that he has all the skills and talent to build a career in this field. The bursary part of his involvement he has put towards his music studio as he is also a very talented musician, two examples of his art are displayed here.


I'm JB and I work for INYBB. I wanted to thank The Weavers Company because they've really been a massive help to me last year and going into this year. I was funded by them to start building my studio and I've managed to get my booth built and that's all thanks to them. So big thanks, massive appreciation and it's so great they are there doing these kinds of things to help people
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