Liberty Kitchen

Liberty Kitchen helps to prepare men for life on the outside, providing them with choices when they leave prison.  It combines developing classic culinary skills and tapping into their imagination to develop their own recipes, with the necessary qualifications and experience to set up and run an enterprise. Liberty Kitchen works with two teams – those inside prison making the food and those outside selling it.  Interaction with the public is an important way to break down stereotypes about people who are or have been in prison.  And street-foods are a brilliant way for people to engage with others.

The aim is to supply delicious London street-foods at competitive prices, as part of a social enterprise working with prisoners and ex-prisoners to develop professional and personal life skills, with the ultimate goal of cutting reoffending.

Whilst cooking is at the heart of Liberty Kitchen, we run master classes that introduce other skills linked to personal development.  For example, one contributor Paul Jamieson has worked with politicians, the media and business executives to help them develop as teams and as individuals.


Liberty Kitchen In action

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