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Charitable Grants

Our Charitable work focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders, particularly young offenders, both in prison and after release and helping young people at risk of criminal involvement to stay out of trouble.

Charitable Grants


Switchback effects real, lasting change through consistent, motivational relationships with a Switchback Mentor on both sides of the prison gate. We support young Londoners to change their relationship with society.

We share what we have learned to inspire change across the justice system and beyond.

Switchback Trainees are five times less likely to return to custody.


Primary Schools

Since 1995, the Weavers’ Company has developed a long-term relationship with three Primary Schools in inner city London. The schools all present different and challenging issues but inevitably have a high degree of free school meals, high levels of mobility and have, or have experienced a poor position in league tables.

Our schools


Weavers’ House is the Almshouse owned by the Company in Wanstead and with 38 flats it currently provides accommodation for 42 residents.

Weavers' House


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