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Come and be part of the Weavers’ Ski Team in Morzine 2022!

Weavers Skiing 2022

Come and be part of the Weavers’ Ski Team in Morzine 2022!
Since 2017 the Weavers have fielded a ski team to take part in the inter-livery Ski Championships. For 2022 we have again taken the luxury Chalet George (www.skiology.co.uk/catered-ski-chalets-morzine-george/), situated in the centre of the town, between 16th and 22nd January. Both Weavers and their partners are very much welcome to come for part or all of the week. The inter-livery competition, with up to 45 companies participating, is run on 20th and 21st January.
The Company has kindly agreed to sponsor the team resulting in Geneva transfers, race entries and the Livery Alpine Dinner costs being covered.
We are also particularly keen to encourage those under 30 to be part of the week and therefore the Company will additionally cover 50% of their accommodation costs.

If you are interested in attending, please let the Clerk know – clerk@weavers.org.uk
More information is available from Sue Barnes – suse.clark@gmail.com
You can also find more information here: https://www.liveryskiing.com/

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