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The principal aim of the Weavers’ Company is to uphold and enhance its traditions, its fellowship and its assets, allowing them to benefit the weaving and textile industry, the chosen objectives of the Company’s charities, and future generations of the Weavers’ Company.

In 2007 it was agreed that a small number of colleges offering textile-related degree courses should be identified as centres of excellence to which the Company’s grant giving would be directed.  It is core group with membership regularly reviewed.  The Company’s scholarships are restricted to students at these pre-selected centres of excellence.

The Company’s top scholarship is titled the Stuart Hollander Award and commemorates the life and work of Stuart Hollander CBE, a member of the Livery, who played a significant part in the UK textile industry.  The Stuart Hollander Award for 2021 was awarded to Emma Herst from the University of Huddersfield.

Previous Winners of the Stuart Hollander Award

Year Name College
2021/22 Emma Herst University of Huddersfield
2020/21 Jonathan Mackinnon Glasgow School of Art
2019/20 Tamara Dew Loughborough University
2018/19 Lydia Tagg Loughborough University
2017/18 Sarah Moses Huddersfield
2016/17 Katie Fairfull Heriot-Watt
2015/16 Matilda Ryley-Hicks Loughborough University
2014/15 Rosie Green Central St Martins
2013/14 Sophie Fenlon Royal College of Art
2012/13 Calum Clarke Central St Martins
2011/12 Josie Bineham Royal College of Art
2010/11 Ingrid Garrioch Glasgow School of Art
2009/10 Antonia Maedel Chelsea College of Art & Design
2008/09 Lucy Murfin Loughborough University
2007/08 Zoe Acketts Royal College of Art
2006/07 Nicola Le Rougetel Royal College of Art
2005/06 Anna Zakis Royal College of Art
2004/05 None
2003/04 Katherine Easton Royal College of Art
2002/03 Catherine Sevilla Royal College of Art
2001/02 Saira Saeed Royal College of Art
2000/01 Owen Kelly Central St Martins
1997-98 Gary Eastwood Parkland Manufacturing
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