Industry innovation

Vorteq Sports develop and make aerodynamic skinsuits for both professional and Olympic athletes. Rebekah Hendrickse, placed with Vorteq as part of the Company’s Entry to Work Scheme, initially started working for Vorteq to help towards the run-up to the Olympic Games but has continued within an R&D role to support Vorteq’s development of performance clothing.

With a background in textiles – specifically woven textiles – Rebekah developed skills in sewing, print sublimation, bonding and various CAD software that Vorteq uses. Vorteq is currently investigating the possibility of developing and testing bespoke fabrics, manufactured in-house on a loom to create 4-way stretch woven fabrics. This additional capacity could allow Vorteq to develop new, cutting-edge products in the performance sports sector and continue to establish itself at the very forefront of sportswear engineering and design.

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