Textile Awards

In the 21st century, the Weavers’ Company seeks to build on almost nine hundred years of involvement in the craft and manufacture of textiles, especially weaving, through its Textile Education Fund.  The main aims and objectives of the Fund are to encourage excellence in all spheres of the United Kingdom woven textile industry by identifying, supporting and nurturing exceptional students during their training; to sponsor young talent working within the industry; supporting centres of excellence in textile education; and finally recognising and working with those who have made the most significant contribution to the industry. This is celebrated annually at the Company’s Textile Awards Lunch held in Saddlers’ Hall, usually in February.


The Weavers' Awards

The Weavers’ Company Silver Medal

The Company’s Silver Medal is awarded in recognition of an individual’s contribution to the weaving industry in the field of technology, management, education or the craft of weaving.

The Stuart Hollander Scholarship

The Company’s top scholarship is titled the Stuart Hollander Scholarship and commemorates the life and work of Stuart Hollander CBE, a member of the Livery, who played a significant part in the UK textile industry.

Weavers’ Company Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to students from the Weavers’ core group of supported colleges. Tutors are invited to submit applications for a maximum of 5 of their students.  Students must be undergraduates who have completed at least one year of study or a postgraduate.  They must also be a British citizen, demonstrate a special interest in weaving or woven textiles and be nominated by their tutor.

The Weavers' Company Crest

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