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The Weavers’ Company Benevolent Fund was set up in 1973, succeeding an existing charitable fund.  We decided that the Fund’s principal aim should be to support people in trouble, particularly young offenders and ex-offenders, as well as other disadvantaged young people.  Preference is given to pump-priming new projects, especially those that are innovative and can serve as a model elsewhere.

Projects which fulfil the funding criteria are short-listed, then visited by a member of the Company. These assessment visits give our younger members in particular an opportunity to become closely involved in the charitable work of the Company, which may lead to a mutually beneficial relationship with its beneficiaries.

These assessments inform the Charitable Grants Committee, helping it decide on the grants to be awarded and the amount allocated. The Committee meets three times a year.

The Company’s Priorities:

Young Offenders

The Company looks to support projects that involve the rehabilitation of young offenders, so that these young people can lead productive and fulfilling lives once released from detention.

Ex Offenders

Despite a focus on the rehabilitation of young offenders, the Company also supports projects that help ex-offenders of all ages.

Disadvantaged young people

The Company realises that it is as important to prevent young people offending in the first place. It therefore supports projects that help young people make better life choices and fulfil their potential.

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All the details of the Company’s Charitable activities can be found on the Charity Commission website, the link is below. The Benevolent Fund not only covers the Charitable Grants but also the support given to the Almshouses, Primary Schools and to the Textile Industry. The amount awarded in total each year depends on the income the Company receives from its investments portfolio, this can vary from year to year.

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