Making it in Textiles Conference


The Making it in Textiles Conference is an Annual two-day event in Bradford, which gives final year textile students the opportunity to learn about the textile industry first-hand by talking to manufacturers and experiencing industrial production.

The secondary aim of the conference is to help address the skills and talent gap in the textiles industry. The UK industry is enjoying a resurgence and this is creating jobs. However, there are only a finite number of pure design roles available. Textile companies need young people with a range of skills who are interested in building on their design expertise to work in areas such as supply chain management, yarn sourcing, quality control and production management.

Midland Hotel Interactive session Copyright Paul David Drabble


The Conference runs over two days, normally in October to suit the academic programme.

Day 1 consists of a series of lectures on aspects of the textile industry, culminating in dinner for all conference attendees. This includes the opportunity to meet members of the industry.

Day 2 consists of visits to a number of mills, followed by a closing panel discussion and address.


Laxtons Specialist Yarns Mill Visit Copyright Paul David Drabble
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